career and life biography of referee Mike Mccurry

Career and life biography of referee Mike Mccurry

Mike McCurry is no stranger to football enthusiasts; he is considered a special figure in football. Want to know more about who is Mike McCurry? Let’s find out more with Live Match Today under this article.

Who is Mike McCurry?

who is Mike Mccurry

Thomas Michael ‘Mike’ McCurry, born in Scotland on June 4, 1964, is a former football referee. With a height of 177 cm and a weight of 73 kg,

He is an Associate Baptist Pastor at Glasgow’s Mosspark Baptist Church. Formerly a Chartered Accountant, he resigned from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland following an examination into “matters of professional misconduct and professional incompetence.” Additionally, Mike is a member of the Glasgow Magic Circle. He officiated the Scottish League Cup Final in 2005. McCurry considers refereeing a pastime and cites “Minister of Christian Faith” as his primary vocation. He was on the FIFA list of referees; however, the Scottish Football Association (SFA) did not nominate him for the 2008-2009 season. On his SFA website page, he is referred to as one of the SFA’s FIFA referees. He was previously on the list.

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McCurry’s officiating career came to an end on May 18, 2009, when the SFA withdrew him from the list of top officials who would oversee matches in Scotland for the 2009-2010 football season.

He is the senior Baptist pastor of Glasgow’s Mosspark Baptist Church. In addition, he belongs to the Glasgow Magic Circle.

In his free time, McCurry likes to run and play 5-a-side football. He also serves as the chairman of Teen Challenge UK.

What about the career of Mike Mccurry?

career and life biography of referee Mike Mccurry

He is recognized for being a Scottish football referee. Although he is recognized for his outstanding refereeing record, he is also an Associate Baptist Pastor at the Mosspark Baptist Church in Glasgow.

Refereeing has always been a major pastime for McCurry, which is why he cites the Minister of Christian Faith as his primary vocation. Mike has officiated many games over the years and was even on the FIFA list of referees. However, the Scottish Football Association failed to nominate him to the list for the 2008-2009 football season, despite the fact that his profile on the SFA website frequently referred to him as one of the SFA’s FIFA referees.

Mick Mccurry was a FIFA referee from 1996 until 2004. His most high-profile matches were Champions League group stage matches, although he frequently cited the Scottish Cup final in 2004 and the U20 World Cup in 2001 as the most significant.

As an Associate Baptist Pastor, He is devoted to helping people find hope in a challenging world as they travel through life. He hopes that you will join him and the rest of the community at Mosspark Baptist Church.

How was the Mccurry Scandal?

how was the Mike Mccurry scandal

Mike Mccurry referee has become a controversial character in Scottish football, as his match management has been criticized on several occasions. The May 10, 2008, encounter between Rangers and Dundee United is maybe the most significant.

Concerning the occurrences, Dundee United filed a complaint with the Scottish Football Association. McCurry later acknowledged in public that he had committed multiple errors throughout the contest. The Scottish Football Association dismissed Levein’s assertions and filed proceedings against him and Dundee United.

The SFA issued Levein a $5,000 punishment for these offenses. Levein refused to apologize for whatever he had previously stated regarding McCurry’s conduct of the disputed match.

Two years prior to his retirement, McCurry was demoted to Grade Two referee status in 2017.

Craig Levein, manager of Dundee United, alleged that two errors by the referee lost his team the match against Rangers.

McCurry was also seen on tape performing a rendition of the Rangers’ Simply The Best during one of his lectures.

McCurry’s officiating career came to an end on May 18, 2009, when the SFA withdrew him from the list of top officials who would oversee matches in Scotland for the 2009–2010 football season. The Daily Record reported on May 13, 2010 that he had deleted his name from the list of authorized Chartered Accountants maintained by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland.

What is Mccurry’s Personal life like?

He had an affair with a member of his Mosspark Baptist Church congregation, Victoria Mathers, who was a teenage Sunday school teacher at the time. Since she was a young adolescent, he had known her and her family directly since she was 22 years old. Two days after submitting his resignation to the church, McCurry was informed he could remain a minister if he severed all contact with Victoria. He had attempted to cover up the affair and preserve his own skin by portraying her as a stalker and a fantasist.

Table Michael McCurry refereed games in 2008/2009.

Summary of football matches with McCurry as referee in 2008/2009

table Michael Mccurry refereed games in 2008-2009


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