who is referee Geoff Eltringham

Geoff Eltringham and interesting things

Although not a famous referee, Geoff Eltringham is a legend in football history. With his talent, he has often held the whistle in big matches, bringing his name closer to sports fans. Please join Live Match Today to find out more information about this referee through the article below!

Who is Geoff Eltringham?

who is referee Geoff Eltringham

Geoff Eltringham, a referee in England, was born in 1980. His birthplace was County Durham. He was added to the English Football League roster in 2008 as an assistant; then in 2009, he was promoted to referee.

He began his career officiating games for Morecambe F.C. League Two match between Hereford United on August 8, 2009. For the 2009–2010 season, he was selected for the National list of referees. In 2016, he was appointed to the Select Group Two of referees.

The career of Geoff Eltringham

the career of referee Geoff Eltringham

Three of the 10 Swansea City games Eltringham has officiated have taken place in the 2018–19 season.

In contrast to the seasons prior, when he only refereed one Swans game, he has now officiated four Swansea City games in 2020–21.

Eltringham began blowing the whistle at the age of 15 and rose through the ranks until he was added to the National List of Referees for the 2009–10 season.

Geoff finished his third season as an SG2 referee last year, and he hopes to develop both as a referee and while retaining his roles as a Durham FA academy director and FA Core coach.

His first match, a 2-2 tie between Morecambe and Hereford, was one of the more than 400 he has officiated in the EFL.

The Geoff Eltringham’s recent careers

The 38-year-old County Durham resident has recently started his eighth season as an EFL official and will once again be mostly officiating Championship matches as a Select Group 2 match official.

Geoff Eltringham last served as the Iron’s referee during the 2015–16 season, officiating the 0-0 draw between the Iron and Walsall at the Banks’s Stadium. Earlier that year, in October 2015, he presided over the Iron’s 4–2 away triumph against Oldham Athletic.

Eight Doncaster Rovers games, three of which involved Port Vale, were officiated by Eltringham, who only issued 15 yellow cards and one red throughout those contests. Similar to that, throughout his eight games in charge of Scunthorpe, he has issued 11 yellow and one red card. After taking control of Bolton Wanderers’ victory over West Bromwich Albion on the season’s opening day, when he only issued one yellow card, the local derby will be his second match of the year.

James Mainwaring and Nick Greenhalgh will be his assistants, while Peter Wright has been named as the fourth representative.

When Swansea City plays Watford on Saturday to close up the Championship season, Geoff Eltringham will be the man in the center.

The Swans match will be supervised for the third time this season by the County Durham official, who also oversaw the wins over Wycombe and Nottingham Forest at home.

Last term, Eltringham also oversaw the draw at Preston. He has been a fixture in the Championship in recent seasons. He has been a referee in the EFL since 2009.

Mark Russell and Robert Merchant will be Eltringham’s assistants, and Andy Woolmer will serve as the fourth official.

Geoff Eltringham’s standing position in the hearts of fans

games refereed by Geoff Eltringham in 2022 2023

Before each game, Eltringham often spends time studying the game to predict what might happen in real life on the pitch. Before the game, he sketched out the starting lineups and studied the play of the two teams, the personalities of the players on the pitch and the possible positions of contention, in general and in detail to avoid error occurs.

It can be argued that it was Geoff Eltringham who gave fans a different perspective on the whistle, as it was he who changed the way the game was controlled and the way players interacted with each other on the field. The players and coaches also respect him.

Eltringham’s talent and personality have made him a favorite among referees.Here are the most important facts and numbers about every game Eltringham has to referee.
He has been in charge of 19 Championship games, 3 League One games, 1 FA Cup game, and 1 EFL Cup game in the last year. He has also been the fourth official 46 times.

During this time, he has given out 92 yellow cards (3.83 per game) and 5 red cards (0.21 per game).

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The above article has sent readers interesting information about Geoff Eltringham. At the same time, we will bring you some special points throughout the career of this great whistleblower. Hopefully, through the content of this article, readers will have a better overview of the football world in general and the name of Geoff Eltringham in particular.

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