who is referee darren drysdale

All the facts you need to know about Darren Drysdale

  Darren Drysdale is an English football referee who presently works in the English Football League. He is a sergeant in the Royal Air Force when he is not refereeing. Follow the article below for more information!

Who is referee Darren Drysdale?

who is referee darren drysdale

Darren Drysdale, who was born in Lincolnshire on February 18, 1971, is a referee in England who works in the Football League and is a sergeant in the RAF at Waddington.

Darren works as an RAF Sergeant throughout the day. He may not have been personally impacted by the issue of life and death while serving a peaceful two-year assignment in Gibralter or during the liberation of Libya battle, which concluded 13 months ago. He conducted airstrikes from his base in Cyprus, which offered a modicum of safety.

But go back to 2003, and you’ll see the true horrors of war. Refereeing in football puts everything into perspective. sternly and occasionally distressingly.

Along with his wife Wendy, a Corporal in HR recruiting, he was deployed there for four months to help prepare the UK troops for battle. Darren’s added worry stemmed from his proximity to the area of combat.

In addition to having regular appointments as a UEFA and FIFA assistant, he made his debut on the Football League line in 1996, the Premier League line two years later, and both lines simultaneously. The Football League was the next stop as a referee in 2004.

Along the way, Darren provided Graham Poll with assistance in the 2000 FA Cup Final between Chelsea and Aston Villa, which Chelsea won 1-0 in as the final match to be held in the previous Wembley Stadium.

How is Darren Drysdale’s referee career?

how is Darren Drysdale's referee career

Since 1988, Darren Drysdale has officiated matches in the Northern Alliance and Northern Premier League. In 1996, he was hired by the Football League as an assistant referee, and in 1997, Drysdale was promoted to Conference North referee. In 1998, he was chosen to serve as a Premier League assistant referee.

In the same year that he was appointed a FIFA assistant referee, Darren assisted Graham Poll in the 2000 FA Cup Final.

He joined UEFA as an assistant referee in 2002, one of just three UK officials at the time.

In 2004, he was added to the National List of Referees for the Football League. Due to his efforts to promote sport within the RAF, he was also named Combined Services Sports Official of the Year on March 6, 2004. At this time, he had been sent to the Middle East, so his parents went to London to accept the Princess Royal’s medal on his behalf.

On August 7, 2004, Rushden & Diamonds and Kidderminster Harriers drew 0-0 in his debut Football League match. On January 22, 2005, at home against Gillingham, Leicester City defeated Gillingham 2-0 in his debut Championship match.

After Dean Windass of Bradford City was given a five-match suspension for cursing at Drysdale in the parking lot following a home game against Brentford on January 2, 2007, he gained media attention.

In February 2021, Drysdale was engaged in an argument with Ipswich Town midfielder Alan Judge after Judge was issued a yellow card. The Football Association later filed a case against Drysdale for illegal behavior, and he was not allowed to officiate his next match.

The Life Events of Darren Drysdale

life events of darren drysdale

The statistics on the number of referee cards Drysdale also encountered many scandals.

Referee Darren Drysdale was relieved of duty following a conflict with a player.

After confronting a player on Tuesday night, Drysdale has been relieved of his weekend officiating duties. During Ipswich Town’s match against Northampton, the 49-year-old referee seemed to collide with Alan Judge of the other team. Following the incident on Wednesday, the FA filed an inappropriate conduct accusation against Drysdale.

As a result, he has been replaced by the PGMOL, who stand in for the referees, for Southend’s game against Bolton on Saturday. Instead, Declan Bourne will assume control.

During Tuesday’s League One encounter against Northampton Town, Drysdale, 49, seemed to engage in a physical altercation with Ipswich Town midfielder Judge.

After his petition for a penalty kick was denied, Drysdale cocked his head in the direction of the Republic of Ireland player. He is now no longer on duty.

Darren Drysdale has been given a four-game suspension for a collision with Alan Judge of Ipswich.

Referee  Drysdale was found guilty of inappropriate conduct after he “snarled” into the face of a player who had verbally attacked him. He was handed a retrospective four-match penalty.

The Football Association accused Drysdale following incidents late in a League One game between Ipswich Town and Northampton Town when the referee halted play to book Ipswich’s Alan Judge for simulation in trying to get a penalty. An independent judicial panel heard the unusual case.

Statistics of the number of referee cards used by Darren Drysdale

During this time, he has given out 96 yellow cards, or 2.74 per game, and just 2 red cards, or 0.06 per game.

statistics of the number of referee cards darren drysdale used 2023

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Darren Drysdale is a fair, honest referee. He fairly caught the intense game, which also shows his skill. Pierluigi Collina is a great referee of world football that we can’t find anywhere else today. Follow Live Match Today to read more interesting articles!

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